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If you’re biking, boating, traveling on the metro, or train, or just walking—keep an eye out for the Blueman.
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Discover our Global Volunteer projects abroad, each dedicated to achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
All the projects are lasting for 6-8 weeks this summer.

Earth Leaders Project

This project aims to contribute to SDGs 13, 14, and 15 by educating communities about climate change and building action plans to reduce critical factors affecting the environment.

Fair Future Project

This project aims to contribute to SDGs 5, 8, and 10 by fostering educational spaces on the basics of inequality as well as promoting local initiatives to tackle discrimination and inequality in the community.

Teach Project

This project aims to contribute to SDG 4 by generating awareness and fostering engagement and educational spaces towards improved education as well as SDG knowledge.


Global Volunteer, Brechje, in Colombia

Maria Masseurs - Sri Lanka

The students really showed me they were excited to have me there and to learn about me and my culture and for them to share their knowledge about their culture with me.

The most memorable moment was celebrating the Sri Lankan New Year with the students during a festival organized by the school and the students.

Fair Future

Jochem, a volunteer in Indonesia

Jochem Claes - Indonesia


The main goal of my project was to help a local village near Bandung, Indonesia with the growth of their local business.

My main impact was to partner up with the largest engineering university in Bandung such that they can sell on a more frequent basis. All in all an amazing experience in which I learned a lot!

Teach Project

Global Volunteer Nadine on a project in Indonesia

Nadine Klibingat - Indonesia


The Mahidana 5.0 project is an environmental project that focuses on SDG 15, life on land. With the help of different actions and activities, we tried to help solve one of Asia’s biggest environmental problems, waste and plastic management.

Being a group of volunteers from all over the world we used our knowledge and experiences to help create awareness for plastic-related problems and consequences and offered innovative solutions to the local communities.

Earth Leaders


Below you can find the main fields in which we offer internship opportunities. Sometimes we also have opportunities outside these fields. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if we have an opportunity that fits your background!

Source: BP Trends

Business Administration

Information Technology



Business Development


Starting all year round

The duration of our internships varies between short (6-12 weeks), mid (3-12 months) and long-term (1 – 1.5 years). You can gain experience in your field during your Bachelor’s or after your Master’s to kickstart your international career. The starting dates are all year round, so you can already start next month or plan your internship for the summer!

flexible start date internship


Global Volunteer, Brechje, in Colombia

Romy Horeman - Brazil

An international experience full of local culture but with the advantages of international friends! I wouldn’t have missed it for the world

Jochem, a volunteer in Indonesia

Niek Jansen - Romania


I feel like I learned both hard, and soft skills that are useful to have in life. Also of course all the memories made it a success! It was an intense experience where I got to know myself better!

Global Volunteer Nadine on a project in Indonesia

Annabel Koppes - Portugal


I discovered the world of influencer marketing, tech companies, coding, annotating, having lunch at the beach, surfing, cultures meeting, green whining, eating a lot, meeting amazing people, learning about me, developing me, and having lots and lots of fun. This experience taught me a great deal about the professional world but also about myself and my future. I am missing it already and I can truly recommend it to anyone!


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