Frequently Asked Questions

What if my project gets canceled due to corona?
You will receive a voucher to go on a new project which you can use up to three years. This means you will not get a refund.
Who is looking out for me when I am abroad?

You will receive full support from both AIESEC in your home town and abroad. Your personal buddy will help you set up a social network. They can address all your questions and concerns and will ensure that you have a good time!

What to do when I get sick
If you develop corona symptoms during your stay abroad, report to a local doctor’s office. Your buddy can help you with this and will support you while you stay inside. Untill you receive further information, please isolate yourself. COVID-19 Safety Guidelines AIESEC in The NetherlandsGreat to see that you are interested in going abroad with AIESEC. These guidelines are created to ensure that you understand the risks involved in travelling during this pandemic and to what extend AIESEC can offer support.

In case you tested positive, follow the advice of the local health service and the measures that apply in that specific country. From the moment you have not experienced any corona related symptoms for at least 24 hours, you are able to travel (home) again.

What happens if the host country goes into lockdown?
If the country gets into lockdown you have to follow the rules that apply to the country where you are staying.

If you want to return to the Netherlands, we will guide you as much as we can. However, we are not responsible for arranging your transportation or its costs. As a Dutch citizen, you can always return to the Netherlands. If there are entry restrictions from the country where you reside, you have to go into quarantine upon arrival in the Netherlands

On the rare occasion that there are no more flights, you can travel by train, Flixbus, or boat depending on the country. Mind that you cannot travel if you have corona (symptoms).

What kind of health costs does my insurance cover?
If you were to face any corona related issues abroad, Dutch basic health insurance (basisverzekering) will cover all critical medical costs anywhere around the world. For instance, transport by ambulance or emergency hospital care.

However, the basic insurance only covers costs up to the rate that is currently in the Netherlands. Is the care or treatment abroad more expensive than in the Netherlands? This means you will pay for the part that exceeds the Dutch rates.

What does my insurance cover when traveling to a country that is marked orange or red by the Dutch government? (upon department)
In countries with code orange or red, urgent care will be reimbursed through your basic health insurance, but costs related to your additional insurance or travel insurance will usually not be covered – this entails the following:

Costs related to extending your stay because of corona will be for your own expense.
You cannot consult your cancelation insurance to go back home earlier
Repatriation costs will not be covered for orange and red coded countries. It is always important to contact your insurance in case this happens.

If you are an international with a Dutch basic health insurance, or you are confused about the term “”Eigen Risico”” often referred to as “”excess”” or “”deductible””, please find more information on this page.