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“Leading a group of diverse individuals is the best teacher: you are confronted with a mirror every day. I am constantly challenged and I am learning more about myself and about being a team leader than ever before. The role itself also comes with a lot of responsibility both nationally and internationally, which is remarkable at the age of 23, and I know I would not get this elsewhere at such a young age.”


National President of AIESEC in the Netherlands


” I discovered that one of my biggest values is integrity, and being in a leadership position at this age puts me in many situations that awaken it in me. I have learned to take ownership over my own decisions and mistakes, but also to be aware and talk about them.”

National Board

“For me, AIESEC has been the place where I was allowed to make mistakes, learn from them, and become a better person every single day.”



Our departments
Each AIESEC team and member plays a part in creating our youth leadership movement for the world. Browse below to find out more about our roles.
Outgoing Global Volunteer
The Outgoing Global Volunteer team is responsible for facilitating quality experiences for young people who want to go on a volunteering project abroad. This entails setting the right expectations, ensuring people go abroad with the right mindset and guide them in their leadership development.
Outgoing Global Talent
The Outgoing Global Talent team is responsible for facilitating quality experiences for young people who want to do an internship project abroad. This entails setting the right expectations, help the exchange participants in their application process and guide them in their leadership development.
The Marketing Team is responsible for the online an offline brand awareness of AIESEC and the promotion of our volunteering projects and the internships abroad. The Marketing Team finds creative ways to increase visibility on campus and online.
National programs
National Program teams are responsible for marketing, and preparation of people who want to go specifically to one of our projects abroad: Nour, Health, and Medicine. Team Nour operates in the Leiden & the Hague office, team Health operates in the Groningen office, and team Medicine operates in the Maastricht office.
Incoming Global Talent
The Incoming Global Talent Team is responsible for facilitating the experiences of trainees from abroad in the Netherlands. This entails acquiring companies where students can do an internships, helping the company to select the right trainee and guide the trainee in their journey to and in the Netherlands.

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Apply for the local office in your city by filling out the form and we will reach out to you shortly!



You will be assigned with a group assesment with other applicants, and time to test your team-work and problem-solving skills!

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Short-listed applicants will be contacted for an interview in their local offices, get ready to show your motivations and ambitions!

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After passing the interview you are becoming an official AIESEC member with a special role and a team. This is where your AIESEC experience begins!
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You can join AIESEC and start your experience in January or July. Recruitment rounds for part-time positions open around November and May. For full-time positions, this is around May. Local AIESEC offices often host info-events so you can get to know our organization & people.

Some parts of the selection process may not apply to your city. For more details about the selection process in your city, contact your nearest local office.


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