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Experience new cultures

There’s nothing like being in a foreign country, living and volunteering with people from all around the world, being exposed to different points of view and ways of living.

traveling the world as a volunteer

Make an impact

On a Global Volunteer project with AIESEC, you work towards tackling the issues you’re most passionate about with one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

volunteer with a unique journey

Challenge yourself

Our projects are packed with opportunities to try something new, push you out of your comfort zone and discover the best version of yourself – because growth happens beyond your comfort zone!

Where can you go?

In recent years we have been able to work with numerous partnerships and countries to mobilize young people to experience new cultures. We build these partnerships to ensure the best quality of our projects and close communication with the AIESEC offices abroad. Check them out!

Our projects

Our Global Volunteer projects around the world exist because we have committed to support the movement to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030. Every project focusses on a target aligned to the Global goals, check them out! 


The project aims to impact the SDG #3 by raising awareness on prevention of non-communicable diseases and the importance of mental health.

You will be involved in community outreach in the public health field by creating and running outreach activities that aim to raise awareness on prevention of non-communicable diseases, healthy lifestyle habits and mental health in the community.


The project aims to contribute to SDG #4 by generating activities & knowledge needed to live in natural conditions. Additionally, the project is aiming to teach participants about how to minimize the usage of technologies to connect with nature.

You will contribute to participants’ development by teaching them about nature and many different skills. This project is for open-minded people with good communication, creativity & storytelling skills who enjoy being in nature.

Happy Bus

The project aims to contribute to SDG #4.2 by providing and opening space for quality education for small children from smaller towns and villages, ensuring educational and social opportunities.

You will be responsible for animating small children, introducing elements of cultural diversity education, teaching English language, and creating a friendly atmosphere, travelling from village to village. The project will be implemented using interactive, informal educational methods as well as organizing and delivering practical spaces or events.


The project aims to impact SDG #4.4 by developing high-level cognitive and transferable skills to people at all ages through activities and/or workshops connected to arts production. 

You will be responsible for delivering immersive and artisitc activities that insprier the fourishing of imagination, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork and communication skills, which can be used across a range of occupational fields. 

Global classroom

The project aims to contribute SDG #4.6 by providing and opening space for quality education for people of all ages, ensuring educational opprotunities from initial literacy to other subjects such as mathematics, science and languages. 

You will directly contribute towards upscaling the literacy of the community on basics of mathematics, science and languages. Acitivities will be ran with a non-formal education method, addressing both the knowledge acquired and the development of the beneficiaries views in an intercultural environment. 

Youth 4 Impact

The project aims to contribute SDG #4.7 by generating awareness and fostering engagement towards the sustainable development goals and global citizen values. 

You will be responsible for fostering educational spaces on the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as local and global issues in collaboration with schools or local NGO’s in various communities. the project will be carried out using interactive, non-formal educational methods and organizing and delivering practical spaces or events. 

Raise your voice

The project aims to contribute SDG #5 by fostering educational space that generate awareness about gender related issues and build iniatives to work on solutions to stop gender inequality in communities around the globe. 

You will be responsible for creating and delivering workshops and activities aiming to engage people towards gender equality. They will also deliver activities to raise awareness on gender discrimination and how to fight it. By creating more diverse and equal spaces for all gender via  reaching and educating people.

Skill up!

The project aims to contribute SDG #8 by providing young people with soft and hard skills trainings, needed to qualify for a decent job, and career guidance. 

You will collaborate with formal and technical schools to create and conduct soft and hard skills trainings as well as providing career guidance for local youth and building up entrepreneurship skills.

On the map

The project aims to contribute SDG #8.9 by enhancing the capacity of local communities to build and promote sustainable local tourism activities that bring revenue and boost employability in the region. 

You will be responsible for fostering workshops and educational spaces aimed to build the capacity of the community to promote tourism in their locality. You will also run field research on the cultural, historical and environmental value of the region, to help the community create engaging tourism proposals for the market. 


The project aims to contribute SDG #10 by fostering educational spaces on the basicws of inequality as well as promoting local initiative to tackle discrimination and inequality in the community. 

You will be responsible for delivering workshops and dynamics on human rights, inequality and inclusion issues. You will support students on becoming agents of change by creating local intiatives to tackle inequality in the community. 

Eco city

The project aims to contribute SDG #12 by raising awarenes about the importance of sustainable communities & lifestyle through volunteer experiences.

You will be involved in community outreach to a sustainable living field by running activities to develop and increase sustainable understanding and knowledge of community life.

Eat 4 Change

The project aims to contribute SDG #12 by striving to engage citizens, particularly youth, to take an active role in society and change their diets towards more plant-based for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

You will be prepared on the topic of sustainable diets and facilitation of the content with the use of various material developed by WWF. Based on that, they will work with high-school students to bring them awareness about the issue and to help them take action in an organized, collective way by facilitating creative group work. 

Green leaders

The project aims to contribute SDG #13 by educating communities about climate change and building action plans to reduce critical factors affecting the environment. 

You will engage communities to become aware about the importance of taking action to stop climate change. Through the project beneficiaries will learn about the importances of having sustainable practice and will develop solutions and initiatives to reduce the impact of climate change in their communities. 


The project aims to contribute SDG #14 by providing communities that live near marine and coastal areas, with concrete activities to improve the sustainability of the coast and protect marine wildlife that inhabit these ecosystems. 

You will carry out educational spaces and fieldwork activities to prevent and stop marine and coastal ecosystems pollution. You will also be responsible for planning and executing an outreach campaigns to engage community members on the protection of marine ecosystems. 


The project aims to contribute SDG #15 by building up communities’ capacity to respond and act upon the degradation of natural habitat, diversity loss, and the protection of wildlife. 

You will be responsible of fostering educational spaces about life on land, ecosystems biodiversity and wild animals protection. You will promote and support communities to take actions towards the protection of wildlife and the preservation of biodiversity in the region. 

Scale up!

The project aims to contribute SDG #17 by building up the capacity of local NGO, non-profit organizations and/or foundations to contribute to social impact in their communities by collaborating with local social projects and engaging with grass-root initiatives. 

You will be responsible of running analysis on the needs of the NGO/non-profits/foundation, identifying points for improvements in their social projects and targeting the deficiencies by presenting realisitic solutions that will directly impact the capacity of these organization to contribute to the development of the community they work with. 

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The impact you’ll make

Let’s be honest. You are not going to change the world by a six-week volunteering project. We focus on leadership development, so with impact, we mostly mean the impact you can make on yourself. By learning from another culture and gaining experience in a new setting, we aim to develop the mindset & skills of a future leader. And if you are fully committed to your project, who knows what you can mean for other people too.

National volunteer projects

Next to our regular global volunteer projects, we also have three special projects which each focus on a different area of volunteering. Check out their pages below!




How it works

In the Netherlands, we will personally guide you to find a project you like and that fits your personal needs and we will help you prepare for your time abroad. Abroad, another AIESEC office will be your support system during your experience.
Read more about the process >

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5. Go

What you’ll get

clear and easy communication

Personal assistance from start to end

We are here to support you! Before the experience with preparing a visa, booking flights and during through airport pick-up and support on-the-job.

affordable projects through honest pricing

Honest pricing

What’s the best thing money can buy? For many, it’s a unique experience. Being not-for-profit, we put all the money back into the organisation, back into you.

share your experience

Honest experiences

You won’t find luxury with us, but you will be surrounded by honest people with honest intentions. You will get information about accommodation and basic living costs.

Experiences of others

Global Volunteer, Brechje, in Colombia

Maria Masseurs - Sri Lanka

The students really showed me they were excited to have me there and to learn about me and my culture and for them to share their knowledge about their culture with me. The most memorable moment was celebrating the Sri Lankan new year with the students during a festival organised by the school and the students.

Jochem, a volunteer in Indonesia

Jochem Claes - Indonesia

The main goal of my project was to help a local village nearby Bandung, Indonesia with the growth of their local business. (…) My main impact was to partner up with the largest engineering university in Bandung such that they can sell on a more frequent basis. All in all an amazing experience of which I learned a lot!

Global Volunteer Nadine on a project in Indonesia

Nadine Klibingat - Indonesia

The Mahidana 5.0 project is an environmental project that focuses on the SDG 15, life on land. With the help of different actions and activities, we tried to help solve one of Asia’s biggest environmental problems, waste and plastic management. Being a group of volunteers from all over the world we used our individual knowledge and experiences to help create awareness for plastic related problems and consequences and offered innovative solutions to the local communities.


Take the first step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I do a voluntary project?

Projects are available all year long, so you can go at any date. However, busiest times for projects are during the summer holidays!

Do I get paid?

Global Volunteer is in itself a non-paid project in which accommodation is often provided, as well as food/transportation for some projects.

If you are looking for a paid project abroad, check out our Global Talent projects.

How long in advance should I start applying?

The matching process for a global volunteer project can go very fast.

Do you want to be sure you’re matched to a good project and want to buy a flight ticket in time? Then you should register now!

Which countries does AIESEC has opportunities in?

AIESEC is present in over 100 countries! We do however work with our partners.
Global Talent partners: Portugal, Brazil, Austria, Romania, Greece, India, Serbia, Belgium and Spain. 
Global Volunteer partners: Turkey, Brazil, Italy, India, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Mexico, Serbia and Spain.