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Medical Volunteering in Ghana: Heartbeat in Kumasi

In Kumasi, Ghana, this volunteer had the freedom to explore diverse medical departments, actively initiated a successful fundraising campaign for essential equipment, and immersed themselves in the culture and landscapes of Ghana. Continue reading to find out more about medical volunteering in Ghana!

Freedom to Explore Medical Departments

In Kumasi, Ghana, I embarked on an extraordinary chapter in my life—a journey that would forever change the way I view the world and my role in it. What set this experience apart was the freedom to explore the medical field. From the operating room to the children’s ward, the laboratories and the specialized domains of ENT and radiology, I was given the choice to immerse myself in diverse medical departments.

Active Participation and Impactful Initiatives

However, this experience wasn’t just about observation; it was about active participation. Recognizing the need for support in the hospitals, I initiated a fundraising campaign and raised 1900 euros. We acquired essential medical equipment that made a difference in the lives of patients. This initiative opened my eyes to the transformative power of creating our own projects.

Medical Volunteering in Ghana

Check out The Medicine Project!

Cultural Immersion and Personal Growth

Yet, beyond the hospital walls, the journey was peppered with remarkable adventures. We ventured to Cape Coast, Busua, Mole National Park, and Wli, each offering a glimpse into Ghana’s diverse landscapes and cultures. Despite challenges, such as electricity outages and navigating the unique public transport system, it was the unwavering openness and joyfulness of the Ghanaian people that made the experience truly unforgettable.

Medical Volunteering in Ghana Medical Volunteering in Ghana Medical Volunteering in Ghana

AIESEC’s Impact and Values

In my heart, this experience wasn’t just a medical internship. It was a profound journey of cultural immersion, personal growth, and community impact. It perfectly aligned with the values of AIESEC, an organization dedicated to fostering leadership, cultural understanding, and social responsibility. My horizons broadened, and my commitment to making a positive difference in the world deepened.

In conclusion, my time in Kumasi was an extraordinary chapter in my life, filled with profound experiences and lasting memories. If you’re a young person looking to embark on a similar journey of exploration, learning, and making a difference, I encourage you to consider the opportunities AIESEC provides for a life-changing adventure abroad.

Carmen Olsthoorn

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