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How to make your marketing internship a success?

When you look through the AIESEC opportunity portal and search for Global Talent projects, you come across loads of business and marketing internship. Lucky for you if you are interested in doing one of those! But you might wonder why there are so many? Well, that is because marketing, can be crucial for the success of your company.

The marketing department in a company has the (partial) duty to communicate the companies vision to the outside world. The ultimate goal is, of course, to get as many customers as possible and consequently maximize the company’s profit or market share. In order to be successful in your marketing internship, a few important basics have to be taken into account.

1. Communication

Marketing and communication go hand in hand. Since it is important to be able to translate the message of your company to your (potential) customers in the best way possible. As a marketer, you should be able to figure out who your target customers are, and how to communicate with them. You should not talk all young and street-like when you are trying to sell something to elderly people, right?

2. Visibility

Do you want people to recognize your company or brand? Then make sure that you are visible. Whether you chose to do this via social media or on big billboards in the city. It is up to you as a marketer, but keep in mind that you should pick a strategy that suits your company. Moreover, try to be creative! The best marketing stunts were possibly unexpected advertisements or amazing guerrilla marketing.

3. Target the right segment(s)

This might be an obvious one, but it is easy to lose focus of what your target customers truly are. Once you deviate from these customers, it will become hard to keep track of what your company finds truly important. It is crucial that the vision of the company is similar to that of its customers. Since your target customers are probably the most profitable to the company, you should always make sure to target those particular people. Of course, the company can also target other (niche) markets, however, it should never lose focus of its star-customers.

4. Focus on what your customers find truly important

So you are targeting the right segment? Then you should listen to what these customers are actually looking for. The company decides what kind of business it is running. Whether the company is selling products, services or if it is a charity organization, it should always keep listening to its customers. They might also have great ideas, and not unimportantly, those customers keep your company running. Within marketing, listening to what your customers have to say, starts with listening and responding to customer complaints for example. This action makes sure that you get to hear your customers’ ideas, and you make sure that your customers stay happy. Did you know that on average people are willing to pay more for a flight ticket if they get a fast response to a complaint on social media?

5. Be honest

Last but not least, always stay honest towards your customers. Sadly, marketing in the past was often used to cover up lies or for creating an image that doesn’t suit your company, but the strongest marketing is when you stay true to what your company believes in and stay honest.

In conclusion, as a marketer, you can be as creative as possible. However, keep in mind that behind every marketing stunt or advertisement, there should be a thought-trough strategy. This strategy should match the companies vision and should contribute to the companies ultimate goal. If you can keep this and the tips above in mind, your marketing internship will be a success for sure!

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