8 things you should know about YouthSpeak - AIESEC in The Netherlands

8 things you should know about YouthSpeak

YouthSpeak is a global youth movement and youth insight survey powered by AIESEC. We focus on understanding the hopes and challenges surrounding various issues which involve young people like us. We are uniting a generation of young leaders who aren’t afraid to speak up and take action on things that matter.

Are you speaking up for YouthSpeak? Young people with megaphones in their hand.

YouthSpeak Outcomes

1. In the 2015 survey 42 000 voices were captured, from over 100 countries and territories. This year we are striving to achieve 100 000 responses!

2. Globally, 55% of the youth did not know what the Sustainable Development Goals are. Do you?

3. Just 3 months after the United Nations adopted the new Global Goals, AIESEC became the first NGO to organize an event uniting young people to define the role of youth in achieving the SDG’s and AIESEC’s commitment towards to make it happen.

YouthSpeak Forum with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as cubes on stage.

4. Another outcome of this survey was, that 51% of the Dutch youth thinks that society will be in a worse state in 2030. However, youth in almost all other parts of the world thinks it will be in a better state by then.

5. Family is the biggest motive to drive young people in life.

6. In the Netherlands, the three issues youth would be most interested in to tackle are quality education, good health and climate action.

7. Outcomes of the survey show, that the biggest fear for youth in the Netherlands when thinking about the future of our world, is the lack of humanity.

8. Yearly, AIESEC globally organizes around 180 YouthSpeak forums all over the world. With those events we bring together both young and senior leaders from diverse backgrounds so that they can share insights and gain new perspectives to push the world forward. Our focus lays on creating an inclusive environment to Inspire, Engage and Act!

This post was written by AIESEC in the Netherlands. We offer international voluntary projects and professional internships with the aim of developing leadership in youth. 

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